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Your generosity in 2014 was fantastic and I just wanted to share with you how the money has been used to create hope and a better future for hundreds of children and their families...

24 Hour Rice Challange

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Go hungry to feed dreams! We challenge you for one day to eat only one bowl of rice and donate £3.

Feeding Dreams Fashion Show

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Bar Retro, Hillsborough @ 7:30pm

Fashion by The Boudoir, VanIlla

Call 028 9268 8858


Burn Calories, Feel Great and Raise Money for Feeding Dreams!

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Feeding Dreams Cambodia Spinathon takes place on Saturday 27th September in fitness matters Hillsborough!

Video of the New School

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Our wonderful Irish Arlene Gormley, co-founder of Feeding Dreams made this quick video during her last visit to Cambodia.