More about Feeding Dreams

Feeding Dreams Cambodia is a grass roots Community School providing Free education, school meals and community support to over 800 poor children and families living in Siem Reap's slums. We strive to keep families united, fight poverty, illiteracy and malnutrition, and help grow tomorrow's community leaders. We provide the following Free Programs:

  • homepage-feeding-dreams.jpgKindergarten Program
  • English literacy and numeracy education
  • Computer Training program
  • School meals program
  • Football program 
  • Health, hygiene, and Morality
  • Family/Community support program
  • Training and employment for disadvantaged Khmers

Feeding Dreams Cambodia Education with School Meals addresses issues of access and quality through an approach that emphasizes sustainable education for all and helping poor children realize their right to quality basic education. A daily on-site nutritious meal is provided to students, providing vital nourishment, acting as a safety net for poor families and helping keep children in school. Among the poor, there is often not enough food at home, so having a full stomach also helps children to concentrate better on their lessons.

Feeding Dreams Community Support Program recognises the extreme poverty and hunger suffered by common Khmer families, due to illiteracy, exploitation and lack of jobs for uneducated Khmers. We remain focused on keeping families united by offering family assistance in times of crisis and providing families small business opportunities and guidance.

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